AZURE202x Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines - Module 5 에서 제공하는 무료 강좌인 Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines 의 모듈 5 부분에 대한 정리입니다.

Managing VMs

  • VM Agent Extensions:
    • To extend VM functionality and management operations
    • Can install multiple extensions on a VM
    • Desired State Configuraiton, Chef, Puppet
    • VM Agent
      • Secure and lightweight process
      • To bootstrap (install/configure/removes) additional extensions
      • Offered by MS and partners
  • VM Access Agent Extension:
    • Create, update, reset user information in Windows VM
  • Azure Cross-Platform CLI
    • Primarily used for Linux VMs
    • Can be used for Windows VMs
  • RDP
    • For Windows VMs
  • SSH
    • Form Linux VMs
    • PuTTY for Windows, OpenSSH for Linux
    • SSH endpoint is always created, regardless to use or not

Configuration Management Tools

  • Desired State Configuration (DSC)
    • Supports both Windows (WMF) and Linux (OMI)
    • Supports ARM templates, PS and XPLAT-CLI
    • Consistently deploy, reliably monitor, and automatically update the desired state of all resources
  • Chef
    • Automate entire lifecycle of Azure infrastructure from provisioning through app deployment
    • Promotes infrastructure as code
    • Provides declarative management solution
    • Enables policy-based management
  • Puppet
    • Automate entire lifecycle of Azure infrastructure from provisioning through app deployment
    • Supports easy-to-understand declarative language
    • Enforces desired state on systems
    • Puppet Forge supports ready-to-use modules
    • Can be installed through npm, package installer or Docker host
    • azure topic verb options

VM Monitoring

  • Agent VM extension
  • Boot diagnostics
  • Admin can monitor diagnostic logging for:
    • Basic metrics, network & web metrics, and .NET metrics
    • Windows event system logs, security logs, application logs
    • Diagnostic infrastructure logs
  • Alerts:
    • Combination of metric, condition, threshold and period
    • Email notification and Webhook support
    • Email is sent when rule becomes active and when the alert condition is resolved
  • All data is
    • Displayed in Portal
    • Configurable
    • Stored in Azure Storage (tables and blobs)

Azure Cert Preppies

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